The consultancy was created to bring together extensive production experience, accumulated over many years, by Toni Goncalves, complemented by an equivalent, or even longer period of intense and appreciated customer support, within the packaging industry. Customers ranged in size from SMEs to multinationals, with many high profile FMCG customers, as well as chemical and non-packaging application customers. The non-packaging applications included several automotive components for well-known South African Motor component Manufacturers.

The founding of The Consultancy, also introduced a unique aspect to any future clients, that is, a totally in depth understanding of the moulding machine supply industry, accumulated over many years, as the supplier of one of the most recognised premium brands globally.

During the course of that tenure, numerous successful, high profiles, universally recognised projects were personally handled by the founder of The Consultancy. The combination of product and machine knowledge has been successfully used to give customers long term competitive advantage in their chosen projects.

The combination of the technical as well as customer relations successes is underpinned at The Consultancy, by extensive academic qualifications, a keen entrepreneurial sense, a deep understanding of finance and operations costing and a highly responsive sense of business strategy, with which to extract advantage for clients. The Consultancy is able to offer customers a comprehensive service which can start with company and organizational structure and extend to and include highly effective customer relationship management services.


Our vision is to be the catalyst in the success of our clients by focusing energies and taking great ideas to new heights. Our vision is to not change the ideas of our clients but rather to help realize their plans and their own visions.
Our wish is to derive our greatness and success not from our own visions but by helping others to realize theirs, through dedicated application of the sum of all our knowledge and experience.


Our mission is to build our business, by helping others to build theirs, through experience, integrity, dedication and innovation and to never overlook that the success of others determines the success of The Consultancy.

Part of the rewards we see for The Consultancy, is the knowledge that we will enrich not only the businesses of our customers, but the lives of everyone with whom we will share our knowledge.


ISO 9001:2008 Implementation
ISO 9001:2008 Auditing
Management Processes
Job design
Job Descriptions
Lean Operations design
Industrial Relations
Problem Solving
Disciplinary Codes
Company Codes of Conduct
Employee Training and Motivation and
Employee Empowerment through Knowledge Transfer
Results Orientation
Customer Service
Injection moulding – thin wall
Injection moulding – large products
Injection moulding – small scale
Injection moulding – large scale
Mould making & mould design
Factory design and maintenance
Machine cycle time optimisation
Maintenance program design and maintenance
Extrusion blow moulding single layer
Extrusion blow moulding multi-layer