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any of the premium machine suppliers offer extended warranties on their machinery. The terms and conditions may be slightly different from machine builder to machine builder, but the basic conditions are all very similar. Please note that these are generic conditions and are not applicable to any particular machine manufacturer and are only for the purposes of this discussion:

There is a normally a payment made at the time of purchase to cover the costs of technicians visits and other expenses. There may be some consumables included such as filters, but this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


These ensure that all aspects of the machines maintenance are attended to. These are generally comprises of daily, weekly and monthly checks to ensure that lubrication parameters are correctly maintained, or any parts that may become dirty through normal use are kept clean.  Clearly on all-electric machines there would be no need to change oil pressure filters, as there would be no oil to filter.

Typically as well on machines with older slide systems, this may include checks to see that the permissible tolerances are within specifications. Clearly on machines with more modern maintenance free slides, this would not be required.

On a blow moulding machine, there may be a number of parts to check to ensure reliable production. These may include air exhaust filters, pre-blow and main-blow valves, air lubricators on the control side of the blow process. (Please note that clean air is always used for the blowing of the container, but on the control side lubricated air is needed to ensure accurate repeatability) The blow air and control air do not mix.

So, how can a customer benefit from an extended warranty besides the obvious benefit of extending the warranty from 12 to 36 months?


The customer has 36 months to acquire the good habits that will extend the life of the machine well past the initial 36 months covered by the warranty. In order to do this the customer has to insure that they have technical person who is able to learn and understand the procedures carried out in the warranty period. The customer also has an opportunity to understand the role of critical parts life in a machine made up of many parts, which will help to easily extend the reliable life of the machine easily to 6 or 7 years or more depending on the duty cycles of the machine.


Ensuring long term reliability may be the easiest way possible to not only safeguard a current investment, but also to be able to maintain the reliability of production that will pay for the next machine.


Written by Toni Goncalves